Drain Repair Toronto Process

Drain Repair Toronto Process


Done well, Toronto repair services can restore your damaged drains and make them work as before. For instance, you don’t need to dig up the pipes and bring them on the ground so that you can repair them. With the right technology, you can carry out cured-in-place pipe lining and repair your pipes while under the ground. But how does this method work? 

In this article, we will show you the process of carrying out a cured-in-place pipe lining to repair the broken drain. We have broken this process into eight simple steps for easy understanding. Let’s see how drain repair Toronto happens through this process.

  • Camera Inspection.

This is the first stage in cured-in-place pipe lining process in drain repair Toronto. An expert uses a closed-circuit TV camera that allows him to see all the visual problems in the pipe. He observes it to examine whether the pipe is collapsing, blocked, or whether the pipes have become porous. The camera inspection is also utilised in the rehabilitation process. 

  • Snaking.

This is one of the best methods in drain cleaning Toronto. Using snaking method, you can get rid of all the tree roots and debris that might have stuck in the sewer system.

  • Insertion of Bladder into Felt Tube.

The felt tube is made of a layer of laminated felt. The bladder that inserted into the felt tube is manufactured from PVC membrane and can withstand a pressure of more than 30 PSI. 

  • Preparing Epoxy Composition.

This stage involves measuring the right amount of hardener depending on the length of the liner and then mixing them to come up with a homogeneous substance.

  • Saturating Fibrous Tune with Epoxy.

In this stage, the pre-measured resin is inserted into the liners front end, and then vacuum is drawn in the opposite end. The use of rolls and vacuum assists the resin in penetrating the liner material. 

  • Inserting Liner into the Old Pipe.

In this step, the liner or the bladder is inserted into the existing pipe via the access point.

  • Tube Inflation.

The liner is inflated to remain in place usually at a maximum of 12PSI for at least three hours and then cured at the optimal temperature. Once the curing is complete, air pressure is minimised slowly, and then the inflation bladder is taken back by pulling it off. 

  • Cutting The Line To Leave A New Pipe.

To ensure the standard of the newly installed liner, the second camera is used to inspect the new pipe and ascertain whether it is connected correctly to the sewer system. This is one of the trusted drain repair Toronto method.

However, this is not only the method of drain repair Toronto method. There are other methods which equally works well and gives the best results. They include the following techniques;

Pipe bursting; just like the cured-in-place pipelining, this method also involves raping drain in the ground without taking it out from the ground. In this method, the old pipes are replaced with the new ones effectively. It is done by the use of special pipe bursting equipment like pullers and expanders. The expander is used to fracture the pipe and then pushes it away. On the other hand, a puller is used to draw the new pipe in and fit it in the space of the existing pipe.

These two methods we have discussed here are recommended to be used in pipes that run underneath structures or in regions where disturbing the landscape will result in problems. 

  • Always Hire A Professional

Whether you want to carry drain repair or drain cleaning Toronto, this is not a process that you can DIY if you are not skilled and experienced in carrying out drain repair services. Apart from the relevant skills and experience to do this type of work, remember that this type of undertaking requires complicated tools that might be expensive and also complicated for you to buy and handle.

So, for a successful drain repair and cleaning in Toronto, choose professionals who have the necessary skills and proven track in handling drain repairs in Toronto. Whether your drains are clogged or damaged, they know the right solutions for them. In addition, an expert will inspect the other smaller pipes and clean them so that they don’t bring issues in the future.

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